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What NOT to wear for your boudoir shoot.

There are SO many options when it comes to what you should wear for your boudoir session! You will have creative freedom in choosing what you'll wear (or not wear) during your photoshoot and I will help you choose and style your ideas! Here are a few tips on what to avoid wearing during your shoot!

Any thing that is too tight! First of all I want you to be comfortable during your shoot. We will use lots of different poses to accentuate the light on your curves, and you don't want to be wearing something that is uncomfortably tight. The right lingerie should fit snug with out squeezing. Any thing that you wear that is tight will also give you pressure lines on your skin - pro tip - staying hydrated can help with that!

Not only is something that is too tight not a good fit for your shoot, something that fits too loose is just as much of a no go! We want to accentuate those curves, not hide them away in a loose fitting garment. For example the babydoll can be used in many ways as a great lingerie look, however sometimes the loose fitting fabric can hide away what we really want to show off!

Too many different options can sometimes be more overwhelming than helpful. Keep it simple! If you are having trouble narrowing down your choices, try prioritizing the neutral colors. Neutral or muted tones tend to photograph nicely and compliment skin tones, while bright colors can be distracting and can pull away attention from the subject. You and your hot bod are the main characters here not the lingerie it's self.


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