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What the heck do I wear for my boudoir session?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

First of all, when you come and shoot with me you get to choose whatever you want to wear from my client closet. I have a curated collection of lingerie pieces in all sizes and colors, so that you have several options to choose from. Not only is there lingerie to wear but there is also body jewelry, paint, angels wings robes and more! Some clients even bring flowers to shoot with. The creative opportunities are endless!

I will help you choose something to wear that accentuates your curves, and skin tone. Body suits are my number one reccomendation for boudoir shoots. They hug your body and show off all your wonderful curves. Body suits are a comfortable options for those who like to hide the tummy the way a one piece bathing suit might! I have two pieces sets with a garter skirt that can also be used to cover tummy or booty areas if that is the goal.

Boudoir sessions are not only about lingerie! The sessions that I provide are designed to show off your personality so if you want to pose with angel wings or with a Lakers jersey I am here for it! There is also never any pressure to go fully nude, although it is a common choice for boudoir sessions. I can always capture an "implied nude" images where it just appears like your nude. We usually do this with lighting, props or sheets! If you haven't seen any of Rachel Leavitt's Body Painting then check out the photos page to see her amazing hand painted lacy lingerie! We offer sessions so please reach out if that is something you'd love to do!

If that is too risqué for you, why not consider a boudoir outfit with an oversized sweater or an over sized white button up shirt. Boudoir outfits can be super casual as well, trust me we can make jeans look super sexy ;)

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