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Why Boudoir is the ultimate act of self-care and acceptance.

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

If you have ever felt substandard to society's beauty expectations, you're not alone. All women in one way or another have picked apart their image in the mirror choosing the things they wish they could change. We have come a long way in realizing how important it is to emphasize that true beauty is self love and confidence.

Boudoir photography is meant to showcase us as we are, so that not only our special someone can enjoy the images of you, but so you can enjoy those photos - yes that's your perfect peach on shiny, metal wall art. Sessions with me are casual, relaxed and fun. This is not some big glamorous studio with big hair-do's and flashing lights, this is a chillaxed Boudoir Bungalow, there is never any pressure, well maybe just enough to get you out of your comfort zone to leave feeling like a strong badass woman.

It's OK to treat yourself every once in a while. For all of you hard working mothers, entrepreneurs, teachers, aunts, sisters friends, it's ok to put yourself first and give yourself the gift of self love and admiration! Photos do last longer than a lifetime, you know? For those of you who say "after I lose 10 more pounds, I'll do a boudoir shoot." Let me tell you.... you don't need to work off any pounds to do a shoot. First of all you look f*ucking great the way you are, and second of all it's my job to pose you from your nose to your toes, babe. I will tell you where to look, how to breathe, what motions to do and I will also demonstrate everything for you so you'll never be lost or confused during our shoot. The curves of your body are carefully posed to hide certain areas (tummy for some?) and emphasise others (make my butt look better.) Posing and lighting are everything, not those 10 pounds.

I absolutely love helping women feel beautiful, sexy and confident through boudoir photography. If getting pampered by professional stylists and shooting with me sounds like your jam then, girl, hit me up. I'm located in Orange County Costa Mesa, and I'm so excited to work with you!


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