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Where do we shoot?

We will be shooting in my home in Costa Mesa, CA.  Other location options include your home, or a hotel / Air Bnb.  I use a variety textured throws, chairs and decor as props.

What do I wear?

I recommend that you bring at least one piece of lingerie that you feel great in.  When you shoot with me you also get access to my client wardrobe which includes various sizes of different lingerie pieces.  I can help you choose items that compliment you well... 


...and of course wearing nothing at all is a common option in boudoir sessions as well.


What do I do about hair and makeup?

All you have to do is leave it to the pros!

I work with a couple of incredibly talented hair and makeup artists who will take wonderful care of you during your pampering session.  They will apply a makeup style of your choice as well as some bouncy curls or edgy styling for your hair.

Will you photoshop me?

Short answer, no... 

Here is what my editing process looks like.  I do lighting and color tone edits, and retouching of the skin.  I do remove fine lines, pimples, temporary blemishes etc.  I do stay away from over manipulating in editing because the real beautify in these images is the authentic you.

Can I get body painted?

YES!  Body painting boudoir sessions by Rachel K. Leavitt and I, are available as a customized session.  Rachel's paintings usually take 3-4 hours depending on the complexity of the painted lingerie, and the photo session lasts for one hour. 

For more information send me a message we can chat about your custom body painting session!

I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, will that translate into my photos?

I will be directing you and walking you through every single pose.  I strive to give you prompts with natural movement to make you appear your most comfortable while in front of the camera.  


Have more questions?

I promise I don't bite!  Send me a message if you would like to learn more about my boudoir sessions, I am always here to chat!

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