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igniting your flame


"of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears."

boudoir photography is not for super models, boudoir photography is for US, the everyday woman.  we are all strong, beautiful and worthy exactly how we are in this very moment.   

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About me& the session

Hi friends!  It's me Faye - Your boudoir photographer.  I am a Southern California native, with a passion in... of course, photography.  I began shooting with film back in my High School days, and am lucky enough to currently run a small business doing photography.  I have a super laid back personality and am 100% here for you through your boudoir and self love journey!

Boudoir is one of my absolute favorite forms of photography!  It allows us to express our personalities in a fun, creative and intimate way. My boudoir sessions really are about YOU and empowering yourself, it's all about loving and respecting your body and what it is capable of, and growing your confidence, all while having fun and feeling sexy.

I offer a variety of packages which include professional hair and makeup, videography, high quality albums, prints and retouching on every image.  Add on items such as high quality, flat lay albums, matted prints, and metal wall art. 

Sit back and relax with coffee or tea while you have your hair and make up done, we'll chat like old friends while you're getting ready.  During our shoot I will guide you through every single pose! I'm always here to answer questions that you may have about a boudoir session so feel free to reach out to me!

No matter what age, or stage of life you are in, now is a great time to celebrate yourself with a boudoir session.  All women deserve to feel powerful and sexy all the time! Maybe you just got out of a relationship and want to boost yourself confidence.  Maybe you are in love and  want to gift someone sexy photos of yourself.  Or maybe you just had a baby and want to reconnect with your sexy side, all while embracing the powerful and wonderful capabilities of your body. 


These sessions are first and foremost driven to help you see what a bad ass woman you are, and that's the only reason you need to do a boudoir session.  All the confidence in the world exists within you and I'm just here to show it to you through photography. 

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