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In the digital era that we live in, printed photos have become a thing of the past.  However, preserving memories is just as important as it's always been.  Having your images printed gives you a tangible keep sake that you can look back on for many years to come.  Digital files easily get lost in the sea of cell phone photos and social media posts, but these boudoir images are meant to last you forever, so that your story and your brilliance is never forgotten.  


The products that we offer are beautifully crafted and made with high quality materials.  The printing labs that we use are specifically in business to serve boudoir photographers. This way you can ensure that during the printing process, your images are safe and in good hands.


Listed below are some of the products that are available for purchase.

Please reach out for a full pricing menu which does include more items that can be seen below.  


These luxury albums are a client favorite!  They feature a flat lay print so your center fold spread is seamless.  The thick pages give these books a durable high quality feel, and the image are printed in a beautiful matte finish, so finger prints won't stick the pages.  All materials used are vegan and cruelty free, however the option to upgrade to a leather cover is available. Sizes ranges from 6x6 to a 12x12.


Folio Boxes

Choose between a stylish glass folio box, or a luxury material box.  The folio boxes holds between 5 and 10 mounted prints, the matting is a thick, museum quality paperboard that is durable and will last for years to come. Folio box sizes start at 8x5.

Metal Wall Art

Make a statement with a beautiful and contemporary piece of art.  Metal prints are a unique way to showcase your boudoir photos, they are rich in print color and finished with a gloss that makes your images really stand out.  Hang one large metal print on your wall or try a matching set of multiple images that can hang together as a collection.  There are many sizes available in metal prints.


Digital Collections

The full digital collection includes an average of 50 fully retouched images, and is included in the Platinum and Gold Collections.  You'll receive a crystal USB stick that holds your full digital collection. Digital files are also available for purchase off the a la carte menu. 

Retro Viewer

Bring on the nostalgia with these adorable retro viewers. They make a perfect add on with their discreet viewing nature.  You have the option to order one 7 image reel or two!

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